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Bloggin’ for Bucks – god I hate my Job!

Blogger extraordinaire:

What’s up guys. The Jeffenator here with another blog post. I’m trying to act the part. Taking a break from my latest valet story. I wanted to tell you about something that is blowing my mind. kaboom.

I have a friend of mine Alice (successful now in her own right) who has a son who is a bad-ass blogger. He’s turned a millionaire from blogging. I couldn’t believe it when she told me he actually retired himself and his wife from a career in pharmacy and now stays home and blogs every day.


I mean look at the guy…nothing special right?  Just your typical decent looking dude who is killing it online.

I said that cause he might read it. I thought about hurling all kinds of insults, but decided not to. Don’t want to piss him off (just in case). LOL

So I asked Alice to share some insights with me when it comes to blogging that he has taught her.

So what’s the catch when it comes to blogging?

I asked her how did he actually pull this off?

-Everybody wants to sit at home and simply write something pool side to make a million bucks.

Guess what!! She told me his secret. Besides the run of the mill stuff you read on every site.

Wanna know?


It really is about consistency. It’s simply taking a subject and sticking with it. The real key and what most people aren’t capable of doing is to keep blogging on a subject for like five or six months without taking a break. Every day drop in a thousand to 3000 words into your blog. This makes for a great big authoritative site on the subject.

And… It is totally hard to do. I’ve done it myself and I found that it is so easy to get distracted and to kind of give up on it.

The other thing that is really important is also to choose a theme for your website that is pretty fast. A lot of the themes get bogged down. They have a lot of graphics in things that are moving around.

She told me make sure that my theme is streamlined and that it loads fast. Apparently Google gives some added credibility to sites that are optimized.

She also told me that by writing every single day you simply get better at writing. For example I think Stevens Spielberg writes on average six hours per day.

There’s simply no way that if you spend this much time with pen to paper or in today’s age keyboard to screen, that you can’t get better at it.

She told me her has found that he has gotten better at it too.

You simply got to get in the habit of doing it. Taking action every day. Repeating the process day in and day out. It kinda reminds me of the “Time to make the Donuts” commercial I vaguely remember seeing when I was a whee little thing, happy to play with my tonka trucks and heman dolls.

I have to hand it to Yotor though. She’s got this deal figured out, partly because of her son and partly because she is smart enough to take notes.

It’s pretty cool, (as she tells it) how he simply took on a project and kept writing about it and then overtime, got a lot of readers who followed him and started following his videos and tagging other people telling them to do the same. This turned into over $1 million a year for him.

What’s he doing these days? You got it. He’s still blogging.

I just talked to Alice about him yesterday, he’s onto a new kick and he’s building it out. He’s gotten so busy he has had to hire a team of writers. Now they actually blog for him daily as well. They help him keep up with the demand he’s created. Now Alice aka Yotor is following in the proven footsteps of her dear old son.

He’s a 34 year old millionaire from a much drier state than mine.

Got to say I’m glad to know Alice. She showed me a lot of things that I wouldn’t have known otherwise, and it’s paying off for me too!

Later guys!

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